Biggest nuclear threat to the US may be from the US

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by David Remer - June 3, 2003

According to the NY Times Article today, "G-8 Leaders Talk Tough on Spread of Nuclear Arms", the G-8 called nuclear proliferation "the pre-eminent threat to international security". While the black market sales of large multi-megaton nuclear bombs may be a threat, how much bigger will the threat be if the US, now researching low-yield localized use bunker busting nuclear weapons, actually puts them into production? These smaller low-yield nuclear weapons may well become the weapon of choice of terrorists in the future. Cheaper to make, easier to conceal, easier to transport and perhaps easier to detonate, these weapons being researched in the US, constitute the height of hypocrisy from an administration sitting at the G-8 talking about non-proliferation. Were it not for congress taking the reigns and telling the administration they could not produce such weapons without congressional approval, these weapons might be in production in the very near future.

There are few weapons that the US has developed that have not either been sold or given away to other nations, or reproduced by other nations, and ultimately ended up on the black market. With that kind of track record, why on earth is the US pursuing this kind of nuclear weapon development in stark opposition to the last decades emphasis on reducing nuclear weapons in the world? Are we trying to make the world safer from terrorists, or, are we creating a new profit market for large defense contractors?

An excellent article by Robert W. Nelson in The Journal of the Federation of American Scientists concludes that "Attempts to develop a new generation of low-yield nuclear weapons would only make nuclear war more likely, and they seem cynically designed to provide legitimacy to nuclear testing - steps that would return us to the dangers of Cold War nuclear competition, but with a larger number of nations participating." And I will add, another set of weapons to fall into the black market, to be purchased and used against us by terrorists of the future.

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