The G8, can their New World Order hold out hope for the world?

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The G8, can they concentrate their holdings and still hold out hope for the world?

The G8, (the nations with the largest economies in the world) have a lot on their plates. In fact, it appears their plates are overflowing. At the Summit, African nations are asking for debt relief from the G8 countries and the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. The G8 represents less than 14% of the world's population, but, controls over 60% of the world's money. While they discuss terrorism this week and the sluggish world economy, the poor nations of earth are demanding assistance in the face of the effects of the world economy on their already strapped nations.

There are some odd ironies, here. The small poor nations of the world are attending, as silent guests, the G8 summit, which gives credibility to the concept of the G8, a group of 8 nations making decisions that will effect the rest of the world. On the other hand, the resentment of small countries toward the G8 as expressed by the "Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo - spelled out his criticism of what is called the Highly Indebted Poor Countries' Initiative or HIPIC." (BBC News). The G8 is attempting to plan coordination against terrorism, but, don't seem to want to acknowledge that the breeding ground for terrorism can be found everywhere there are elites controlling the power and wealth in nations whose citizens are poor and wanting for a basic sustainable quality of life. Though the G8 is proposing assistance to small impoverished nations, it too often appears, as President Obasanjo said, "There has been little giving too late. HIPIC came in little bits and pieces and the effect is that it really hasn't made a tremendous impact".

The smaller impoverished nations have no nuclear weapons, and pose no world revolutionary threat from a military perspective. But, what threat is posed by the following headlines this week: Burma Moves To Stifle Protest, Zimbabwe Protests Dispersed, Lula Proposes Hunger Fund, and Fresh Massacre in DR Congo? These crises will not be remedied by throwing money at them, though money will be needed in the right amounts at the right times. They won't be resolved by overthrowing heads of state, though some of the heads will need to go. They won't be resolved through occupation and restructuring, though progress cannot proceed in some of these countries otherwise.

So what is needed is a comprehensive multi-faceted plan, with great resources in money, nation building, overwhelming military presence to restore order and calm fears, and expertise in all facets of restructuring. What body of persons has such resources to commit to such a grand and noble cause as creating peace and plenty in the world? Only one, the G8 and its affiliated organizations. The greatest irony of all comes with the question, who will trust such an organization of enormous force and power to install this New World Order? Given the state of politics and greed and corruption and lack of freedom of information and secrecy represented in the homelands of each member of the G8, I for one find it inconceivable to trust such a New World Order effort, unless and until, the individual member nations of the G8 can put their own houses in order so as to command trust, and respect from the rest of the peoples of the world.

David Remer, June 2, 2003

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