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Herbert Hoover's administration sat over the 1929 stock market crash brought on by unbridled capitalism and oversaw the beginning of the Great Depression. Is Bush trying to emulate a relative? After all, the Great Depression did bankrupt this country and we are moving, under the Bush administration and the republican congress, back to the good old days of unbridled capitalism and secrecy and backroom deals designed to further enrich the rich, run deficits and the national debt to the breaking point, and place the horrendous cost of all this and more on the backs of future generations.

Where are the facts?

by David Remer May 23, 2003 --

One need only read the party platforms of the numerous political parties registered for the 2000 presidential election to realize that American politics is very factionalized. The very growth of political parties over the last couple of decades indicates that the two major parties, The Democrats and The Republicans, have left a great number of citizens feeling unrepresented. This fact is heightened by the shamefully low level of eligible voters actually turning out to vote. The 1996 and 2000 year elections showed the lowest voter turnout since 1924, some 70 years ago. [Committee: Study of American Electorate].

One of the most basic assumptions of a democracy is an informed voting public is essential. A democracy by definition is a people who are governed by the majority consent of the people. If a democratic nation is insufficiently informed, government direction will often be ineffectual in solving a nation's problems. However, if the voting public is misinformed by its leaders or a minority, then the government ceases to be a democracy, since, majority consent is not based on informed consent, and government is being directed by those who misinformed the public. All dictators of the 20th century knew the importance of misinforming the public and formally set up propaganda ministries to deliberately misinform the public in such a way as to retain support from the people.


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