Democrats lost sight of the big picture and failed to use their most powerful campaign tool. They lost huge. There are fundamental reasons they lost. They got lost in their micro-data tools to target voters and failed to offer their greatest asset to motivate voters.

Voter ID has to GO!

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"Elected officials shouldn't get to choose who gets to choose elected officials" --Louis Black. Damn right.

A close friend, born in the U.S., registered in the state of Texas, under Republican's abominable voter ID law, was going to be denied, for the first time in her life, the right to vote in this year's election. Reason: The State of Texas chose to use the first initial of her maiden name as her middle initial, instead of the first initial of her middle name ON HER TEXAS DRIVER'S LICENSE. Her license was going to be presented as her voter ID.

Tea Party Has to Go!

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There is a place for idealism and a time for practical solutions. When idealism prevents practical solutions to current and future crises, it loses its entire value. The Tea Party is a case in point.

Rasmussen survey finds 57% of Americans advocate throwing all incumbents in Congress out of office. The predictable response by Republicans and Democrats next year will be: "If you vote our candidates out, the other party's candidates will take over" and you don't want that". There is no question that if half of Americans vote out their own incumbents and elect a challenger instead, there will be some change in the numbers of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents elected to Congress.

That however, is not what is important. What IS important is that all politicians learn to respect the power of the VOTERS to make their voting decision based on whether Congress improves voter's lives or, continues to harm and threaten them. Voting out incumbents is a vote which disapproves of current results. Voting for incumbents is a vote for more of the same.

When Congress persons choose to damage the economy, the nation, and millions upon millions of Americans, TODAY, rather than simply vote to fund the government and pay our debts, more than all others, these Congress persons deserve to be voted out of office. If they wanted to represent their local constituency, they should have run for State or County government.

The U.S. Congress is charged with representing the interests of ALL Americans and their nation as a whole. These extremists sabotaging our nation are NOT representing America, or its national interests. Their actions are Anti-American. Al-Queda must be thrilled that these radicals are about accomplish what Al-Queda wished they could, bring the American economy to its knees.
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GOP: Crippled by its base.

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The Republican Party is seriously crippled by its donor and social conservative base. Having failed to muster the will to embrace women's and minority issues was bad, and crippled Republicans in the recent election. However, the GOP's other leg is now evidently crippled by its donor base, (e.g. Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson). House majority leader Boehner evidenced this today with his statement indicating that allowing taxes to increase on the wealthiest is unacceptable.

It is time to itemize this growing list of the dumbest policy ideas floating in the political atmosphere. Hopefully, some who subscribe to these ideas will read this critique and restore their credibility by refusing to float these ideas any further.

The Tea Party will obstruct Obama's agenda. The 'Fiscal Cliff' and immigration reform will be top priorities for Pres. Obama. There is incentive for the GOP to resolve the Fiscal Cliff, however, getting any tax increases on the wealthy to pass the Tea Party and other Grover Norquist puppets, will be the challenge. Immigration reform may prove to be far easier, as the GOP must tap into the Latino vote to win in 2016.

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President doesn't matter?

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Is it really going to matter who is the President if, 41 Senators from either Party can filibuster any, and every, proposal coming from the White House? Replace incumbents in Congress. Then, who is president may actually make a difference. As long as Congress' partisans are committed to defeating the sitting president, instead of solving national challenges, America's problems will pile up and bury us all.

Voters Unite!

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Political parties, their candidates and incumbents, have no choice but to divide Americans into opposition camps for the purpose of garnering more votes for their camp than the other camp can muster. This does not, however, require Americans to divide against each other or their common and shared goals. If voters can remain united, while the politicians try to divide them, democracy will function as it was intended, as a check and balance by the people over its elected representatives.


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